Top Domain Name Sales And How Can You Fit Your Bid?

Domain names play a role in an online business’ profits quite prominently. It provides a great deal of credibility and helps put your business ahead of the competition. Domain names must be appealing enough to make customers weigh-in. Hovering around the market is not going to make any difference unless you have a sharp motive.

Choose a domain name that goes the extra mile to speak for your venture. A right domain name has the potential to cut-in higher profits and ensure sustainability. The key reason the right domain name makes it to the ‘significant club’ is because it helps in getting more traffic and generate more leads.

A good example would be – when a person looks for a hotel online, a few close hypothetical ‘keywords’ he must be typing in are ‘hotels nearby,’ ‘affordable hotels in Albuquerque,’ ‘5 star affordable hotels in Santa Fe,’ and the like – now, you may have noticed that there is one single terms that is common in every search keyword, i.e. hotel. Hence, if you’re considering starting off as a third party hotel booking service provider, you will want to own a domain name that has the term ‘hotel’ in it, but you need to take care to put in the most unique manner, like the way it was never used before. Remember, the more precise you go with your selection, the price tag gets higher.

Here are some domain name purchases that quite made news in their times: – Sold at $35.6 million

This domain name has been topping the chart as it got sold for a whopping $35.6 million in 2010. As you visit the site, you will find that it serves as the top platform for all sorts of insurance comparisons and sales. The industry verticals it includes are home, automobile, life, motorcycle and car. Information of worldwide sales of insurance in these verticals is all found on their website – up and updated. – Sold at $35 million

Now that you have decided to go live and operate online your first ever travel and tour venture, make sure to buy a domain that reflects upon your business perfectly. How expensive an expensive can be? Well, the owner of this site chose to remain upfront for their potential visitors by including both the terms ‘vacation’ & ‘rentals’ in the domain name, which is their business only. They provide rentals booking service for the people on vacation. Now, imagine yourself looking for vacation rental service online – is there any chance that Google won’t fetch this site before others? The probability is almost Zero and this is exactly where the price skyrockets. Google loves domain names being direct and unfussy. – Sold at $30.18 Million

This is no unusual to witness dignitaries and celebrities hop on their private jets to go places any time, however the domain name offered to the private plane business was an expensive purchase. When it was being negotiated back in 2012, the rumour was it was one of the highest priced domain sales ever. The deal was closed with cash payments and also stocks from Nations Luxury Transportation to Don’t Look, LLC. is presently serving customers seeking out for worldwide business charter service.

What should you do?

The pricing of domain name is a matter of study – it can be as nominal as $12 and as expensive as $90 million. ‘Does it have to be worth million to secure efficient marketing and reinforcement?’ – You must be asking to yourself right now! DomainJunction says, no, it doesn’t.

There are millions of domain names and extensions that may not be precise or custom-made for your business, but exceptionally alike. You can find more than 9,000 of domain names and many extension choices at DomainJunction befitting your industry that are available in budget. Sohail Roshni, founder and director of DomainJunction and Ahura FZE, is committed to bringing up a domain name database that saves your pocket and business both.


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