Adding value to your business

A website is the result of a team comprising of designers, developers, content writers, programmers, marketers etc. thinking about its each aspect in detail. However, since your domain is your public face, it’s important to give it a serious consideration. It should not only be appealing and easily memorable but also convey the right message about your core business. Looking at a premium domain as a component of website will move it from a cost your business has to endure into a cost that brings revenue.

While searching for a domain name, avoid the one that can be easily misspelled.  Also avoid long names as they are hard to remember. Even if your company has a long name, going for a shorter or abbreviated version of domain might work in your favor.

Premium domains become valuable for the following reasons:

  • They contain generic terminology and are rich in keywords
  • They are of interest to a wide section of business owners
  • They are short and easy to remember
  • They help in branding and marketing strategies
  • They also support in SEO and SEM strategies of a business

Owning different TLDs makes sense

Try to own all different TLDs for your domain. For instance, if you own, also try to get,, etc. This will ensue that similarly sounding businesses cannot take your brand away from you. Big brands like Google, WordPress and Verisign are investing heavily to own and operate entire domain-name extensions.

Experts predict that premium domain valuation will continue to surge in the coming year due to their global demand and high appeal. Price of a domain is determined based on its demand, marketability, traffic, spelling and economic trends. Most domains once acquired will never be made available again because they become strategic marketing assets of the businesses.

New businesses are strictly online today which has further fueled the demand for premium domain names. Latest gTLDs are gaining traction with Google clarifying that making use of a latest domain name extension will not influence the SEO ranking of a company in a negative way.

DomainJunction – your one stop destination for premium domains

If you too are in need of a premium domain name for your business then you can head to, which is your one stop destination to shop for premium domains. The company, owned Sohail Roshni has been into operations since over 15 years now and has an impressive collection of more than 9,000 premium domains for fashion, premium domains for property & home, premium domains for travel industry,  premium domain for blog and other premium .com domains for sale. Some of the premium domains for brands available at DomainJunction include the below ones:

  •, and

All domain inquiries can be sent to


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